Do you need to report concerns about actual or suspected misconduct and wrongdoings?

Ariston group reporting system


What is Whistleblowing?

Ariston Group is committed to following the top standards of Corporate Governance in all its aspects: ethics, integrity, impartiality, honesty, transparency and accountability.
In line with this commitment, we expect all employees and Group’s business Partners (Customers, Vendors and Third Parties) to report and voice their concerns related to any case of suspected misconduct, malpractice, breach of Ariston Group’s Code of Ethics or any other wrongdoings.

Whistleblowing occurs when an individual reports or discloses information concerning wrongdoings or unethical behaviors in an organization, such as malpractices, financial misconduct, exploitation, intimidation, or discrimination. This person is often an employee but can also be a third party such as a supplier or a customer.

To meet the latest regulatory requirements, Ariston Group has recently reviewed the Whistleblowing Group Procedure and introduced a new Reporting System. The process of Whistleblowing guarantee the highest standard of confidentiality.

Who is the Whistleblower?

The individual (e.g. Customers, Vendors and Third Parties) who makes a protected disclosure is defined as Whistleblower.

Ariston Group assures that no retaliation will take place towards the individual who makes an allegation under the condition that it is made in good faith. This is granted also for those allegations that are not confirmed after the execution of investigation activities, unless the whistleblower acted in bad faith.

What is retaliation?

Any of the following actions taken against the Whistleblowers, directly or indirectly, connected to their reporting activity:

  • discharge or suspension;
  • demotion;
  • withholding a promotion;
  • a negative assessment;
  • a written reprimand;
  • transfer to a different office; or location
  • discrimination

If in doubt, keep in mind these simple do’s and don’ts:

Do's Don't
Say something if you see any irregularities and unethical behavior Do not report intentionally fake violations
Be fair, Be honest, Be factual Don’t be unfair, dishonest
Report suspicious activities, violations, fraud, malpractice, or wrongdoings Do not report gossip or information that are not related to Unethical Behavior

All reports are sent to the Whistleblowing management structure of our Whistleblowing Committee. During the entire assessment phase, the system guarantees that all information will be kept confidential, and that the whistleblower's identity, and the identity of anyone else involved, will be safeguarded.

For further details please see our Whistleblowing Policies:


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Ariston group reporting system