Sustainable comfort for everyone

Our purpose is to provide everyone, in every corner of the world, with high-quality heating and hot water solutions, while protecting the environment.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 global goals agreed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2015 with the Resolution “Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” and a promise: leaving no one behind
These goals were unanimously endorsed by all 193 Member States of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The 17 goals are supported by 169 targets, which are measured thanks to a list of 244 global indicators.

With respect to the 17 goals, the economic, social and environmental impacts generated through Ariston Group’s operations contribute towards 9 of them.

ROAD TO 2022
Focus on
  • >80% of revenues generated from highly efficient and renewable solutions
  • >3 million tons of CO2 equivalent avoided thanks to our most evolved technologies
  • Bringing Comfort where it's hard or impossible to find
    • of revenues from highly efficient and renewable solutions
    • tons of CO2 equivalent avoided thanks to our high-efficiency technologies since 2018
    • energy efficiency from plants to products
    • supporting local communities since 1963
    • Renewable and highly energy-efficient solutions: Sensys HD, Portfolio extension of hybrid solutions, Demand Response ready electric storage water heater, Aerotop SG
    Focus on
  • Double-digit growth of profitable revenues
  • 80% of turnoverfrom innovative products (younger than 5 years)
  • Up to 800,000 connectivity-ready products
    • of organic revenue growth and
    • of organic profitability growth compared to 2020
    • Ariston brand refresh
    • of net revenues from innovative (<5 years) products
    • Ariston Group sites are ISO 9001 certified for their Quality Management Systems
    • Connectivity Ready products sold since 2018
    • accesses/month to the Group’s app
    • Passion for Excellence: our World Class Program
    Focus on
  • >95% of products require no technical interventions in their first 5 years of service
  • Excellence Class Service in NPS at Group level and in all countries.
    • of products require no technical interventions in their first 5 years of service
    • Certification of quality, environment, health and safety management systems
    • Our service offerings cover up to the 10th year in the life of the product
    • One Team platform launch
    • hours training to over 3500 professionals
    • devices connected to our international technical committee
    Focus on
  • Local resources holding more than 80% of managerial positions
  • More than 60% of managers coming from internal career paths
  • 0 injuries in our production sites (injury frequency reduced by 6% vs 2020)
    • people of 60 different nationalities across 42 countries
    • of managerial positions held by local resources
    • of managers come from internal career paths
    • hours of digital training on Leadership topics per person (average per managers)
    • Occupational Health and Safety Management System coporate certification in accordance with ISO 45001:2018 (15 sites included)

    • 47% of our white-collar employees are millennials and 3% belong to generation Z
    • white collars new hires of which 70% are millenials and 7% belong to generation Z
    Focus on
  • Defining a structured model of sustainability governance (starting from 2018)
  • Training 100% of our people on Ariston Group ethics and integrity culture (starting from 2018)
    • Launch of an Initial Public Offering and listing on Euronext Milan
    • Towards a governance of sustainability: ESG
      Committee and Council
    • Setup of 4 Committees at Board of Directors level
    • independent board members (60%)
    • Worldwide Whistleblowing process
    • BN € the economic value generated and distributed in 2021