Our ESG objectives to 2030


Every company has its own history, culture, and system of values.


Ariston Group’s values are rooted in the cultural and industrial heritage of its founder:

Believe in Sustainability; Inspire through Excellence; Start from Customers; People come First; Act with Integrity.


We decided to bring these values to life by linking them to specific, measurable ESG commitments, intrinsic to our corporate strategy.

Smart sustainable comfort for a better future
A decarbonised business with a circular approach
Empowering people to achieve more
Exceeding expectations through excellent customer experience
Create value responsibly

Enable the energy transition with renewable, efficient and smart solutions

  • 100 million tCO2e emission avoided thanks to the renewable and high efficiency products we sell in the regions we operate
  • >5 million of connectable products sold

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Turn Ariston Group into a climate neutral industrial ecosystem

  • 42% of Scope-1 and Scope-2 absolute GHG emissions reduction (2021 base year)
  • >50% of Scope 3 GHG emissions reduction per million euro value added (2021 base year)

Lead the sustainable transformation in the value chain

  • 100% of Strategic Suppliers aligned with our ESG journey

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Towards a world-class employer

  • Be a certified world class employer that builds a sustainable working environment

Drive innovation through inclusive education projects

  • 100% of countries engaged in projects that foster awareness on sustainable thermal comfort as an enabler for social development

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Be on our customers’ side along their full journey through thermal comfort

  • Deliver excellent, tailored solutions and services to B2B and B2C customers and increase the loyalty of professionals

Excellence services & support along the whole product life cycle

  • >85 Quality score per year in the cumulative Group Quality Excellence index (GQE index)

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Continuously enhance a responsible ESG approach in everything we do

  • Ongoing yearly commitment to meet high governance standards on sustainability

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