In respect of the execution of the agreement governing the activation of the Remote Control and Remote Diagnosis services for the heat comfort system, which allows users:

  • to use a smartphone or PC to remotely control the operation of their space and water heating system;
  • to benefit from a remote diagnosis service provided by their own service centre, which can remotely monitor the boiler's main parameters and, with the user's consent, may intervene remotely on the device, setting certain parameters to ensure the improvement of the service offered and the satisfaction of the quality standards of Ariston Thermo Group, while also allowing Ariston Thermo S.p.A. to access the boiler remotely to ensure the proper provision of Remote Control and Remote Diagnosis services for the boiler and restore it to functional condition, where necessary and possible,

We hereby provide you with the following privacy notice pursuant to Directive 95/46/CE on personal data treatment. The provision of personal data is voluntary and based on the User’s agreement. The terms of this privacy notice shall be valid from when the User’s consent is given, until when it is withdrawn.

Personal data concerning you, supplied by you when the above agreement is entered into, will be processed in a manner inspired by the principles of necessity, propriety, lawfulness and transparency established in the Directive 95/46/CE. The personal data that you supply will be processed for the following purposes:

1. to permit the provision of the Remote Control and/or Remote Diagnosis service designated "Ariston Net" or "Chaffolink";

2. to monitor the level and quality of service offered by our technical assistance centers;

3. for commercial and marketing purposes, i.e., to send you, by text message, telephone and/or electronic mail, promotional materials relating to products, services and initiatives of Ariston Thermo S.p.A. or conduct market analyses in anonymous form. In addition to your personal data, our company, in fulfilment of the above agreement, will also collect information regarding the product installed (including, but not limited to, advanced technical details, heating settings and operation, etc.).

It is mandatory that you provide your personal data for the purposes indicated in point 1 above, and your refusal to provide such data will make it impossible to supply you with the Ariston Net or Chaffolink service, whereas it is optional that you provide your personal data for the purposes of points 2 and 3 above.

By signing this declaration, the User gives express and written permission for data to be disclosed and transferred to those service centres and third parties (such us but not limited to producer, database provider, foreign entities providing part of the relevant services) to whom the data shall be disclosed for the proper performance of the purposes of point 1. The User also gives such permission for disclosure and transfer of such personal data to foreign corporation and/or domestic consulting firms and/or providers of call-centre services and/or other foreign entities for the performance of the purposes of points 2 and 3.

Being understood the provisions above, the aforementioned data will not be disclosed for any further purpose and may only be transferred abroad for the purposes of point 1.

Your personal data will be processed by employees of Ariston Thermo S.p.A. acting as data processors and managers, in addition to the service centre you have chosen, if the Remote Diagnosis service has been activated, in the capacity of external data manager, with or without the aid of electronic, print, IT or remote instruments and, in any event, according to logic closely correlated with the purposes listed above. The list of data managers will be constantly updated and is available upon request. The User may request information about the handling of his/her personal data, may also request the correction, deletion or blocking of such data, and may also request the cessation of the use of such data for a particular purpose.

The User may also decline, at any time and without reason, to give further consent to the handling of his/her personal data. In connection with the handling of such data the User is entitled to the legal remedies offered in compliance with Directive 95/46/CE and may turn to the relevant court to enforce his/her rights and there receive any compensation he/she may be due. In addition, we inform you that more detailed information about our service is available in the Terms & Conditions section of the website

The User can elect to give express written permission below for Ariston to send him/her newsletters and advertising.

This permission can be withdrawn at any time without reason. In accordance with the terms of Directive 95/46/CE, the User may use the below means to inform of the withdrawal of his/her agreement to receive advertising:

  • email address:
  • postal address: Viale Aristide Merloni 45, Fabriano (AN)

The personal data controller is Ariston Thermo S.p.A., having its office in Fabriano, at Viale Aristide Merloni 45, e-mail: : The data manager is the Service Manager, with his domicile at the company's office. Having acknowledged the notice pursuant to the relevant articles of Directive 95/46/CE out above,

 CONSENT  DO NOT CONSENT to the processing of my personal data for the purposes of the monitoring of the level and quality of the service offered by the service centres of Ariston Thermo S.p.A. or Chaffoteaux S.a.s., as indicated at point 2 of this Privacy Notice

 CONSENT  DO NOT CONSENT to the processing of my personal data for the commercial and marketing purposes set out at point 3 of this Privacy Notice


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