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Our people come first and are at the core of our business: by promoting teamwork, diversity and accountability, we give them the opportunities to grow, develop and become the best version of themselves.

Along with training and leadership guidance, there’s no end to the potential for a successful, global career within Ariston Group.

There are many ways to grow with us, both professionally and personally.


Development is a journey in the hands of our people and strongly sponsored by the Company that provides learning experiences, coaching and mobility.

Starting from the individual motivation, attitudes and potential, we design flexible career maps that support the professional growth towards the key target roles of the organization: we operate in every continent and our strong expansion brings many opportunities for mobility and international assignments.


The Ariston Group global network provides international and local training programs, targeting different competences and abilities, according to the professional background, role and seniority, as part of our continuous cultural exchanges.

Innovation is one of our main drivers for development: to this extent, together with face-to-face and live virtual training sessions, we offer the opportunity to experience blended and self-paced learning engaging paths, leveraging on the introduction of new and digital tools and with a people-centric approach.

Presentation effectiveness, time and project management, financial awareness, 6Sigma, train the trainer: this is just to give you a flavor of our professional training catalogue,                                                   
that will allow you to continue to grow and become more and more autonomous.

And what about the main competences of a Leader in Ariston Group?
Ariston Group aims at spreading the feedback culture and the leader as a coach approach, helping managers in gaining a better knowledge of their collaborators.

Leadership is about inspiration, motivation, dialogue. Our leaders lead through our Group values, driving the growth of our people and business.

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