Ariston Group’s ESG history

There is no value in the economic success of any industrial initiative, unless it is accompanied by a commitment to social progress.
Aristide Merloni, Ariston Group’s founder - 1967
Sustainability in the DNA

In 1979, Ariston Group discloses the first Social Report in Italy, issued by Battelle Centre de Recherche de Geneve and asseessing a company’s social and sustainability performance towards its employees, consumers, local communities and other economic partners.


From over 15 years, Ariston Group's vision has been Sustainable Comfort for Everyone: a purpose that translates into the commitment to provide everyone, across the globe, with high-quality heating and hot water solutions, while preserving the environment.

The new ESG vision

In 2018 Ariston Group sets the pathway and targets to fully incorporate sustainability into its strategy, including establishing a sustainability governance framework.


In 2021, after launching an Initial Public Offering and getting listed on the Euronext Milan stock exchange, Ariston Group lays off its new ESG ambitions – the starting point of the ESG strategic plan to 2030, when the Group will celebrate the 100th Anniversary.