Board of Directors and Committees

Ariston Group’s sustainable growth remains our absolute priority and we will deploy all the resources needed to generate value for our stakeholders in the long term.

Paolo Merloni, Executive Chairman

Governance System

Effective risk management, integrated into the governance system, is a key factor to protecting the Group’s value over time. The Group’s Internal Control System has therefore been developed in compliance with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code (DCGC) and Italian laws applicable to listed companies with legal seat in a foreign country. The corporate organisation thus consists of internal committees within the Board of Directors of Ariston Holding N.V., organised as follows:
Paolo Merloni Ariston Holding N.V. Executive Chairman A* 10.06.2021
Maurizio Brusadelli Chief Executive Officer   03.08.2023
Antonia Di Bella Non-executive / indipendent C* 02.01.2023
Roberto Guidetti Non-executive / indipendent B*, D* 10.06.2021
Laurent Jacquemin Non-executive C 10.06.2021
Guido Krass Non-executive A 02.01.2023
Maria Francesca Merloni Non-executive   10.06.2021
Ignazio Rocco di Torrepadula Non-executive / indipendent B, C 24.05.2021
Marinella Soldi Non-executive / indipendent B, D 10.06.2021
Enrico Vita Non-executive / indipendent A 10.06.2021
Katja Gerber Non-executive / indipendent D 07.05.2024
* Committee Chairperson
A = Strategic Committee
B = Compensation and Talent Development Committee
C = Audit Committee
D = ESG Committee