Sustainability begins at production sites

In 2020, the Group activated a pilot project to monitor energy at 3 plants in Italy (Genga, Cerreto, Arcevia Thermowatt). Implementing the energy management system involved installing meters on gas and electricity lines as well as adopting a digital platform to have constant visibility over the performance of the sites. Monitoring energy flows, and the relevant costs, will allow the Group to not only reduce waste, but also lay the foundation for a long-term energy efficiency strategy.

The Group is pursuing the goal of achieving greater energy efficiency, with an estimated 3% reduction in consumption year-on-year, also outside Italy— specifically, at the plants in Namur, Belgium, and Wuxi, China. The Group is committed to gradually extending this initiative to its other sites.

To curb CO2 emissions, the Company has launched a study on the surface finish of plastic materials in order to limit product painting—a process that is intrinsically energyintensive and polluting. The pilot project launched in 2020 showed the potential to reduce emissions by an annual 1,800t of CO2, a major achievement when considering that the project focused on just one type of product. This technology is to be extended to other categories in 2021—a testament to the Group’s ever stronger commitment to environmental sustainability.

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