Velis DR is the electric water heater that can store thermal energy in the form of hot water. This makes it suitable for storing energy, helping to balance the electric grid across the country and promoting the use of renewable energy—which by nature can only be generated at certain times during the day. In 2020, Ariston Group launched a major project to remotely manage electric water heaters.
Nuos Plus is the renewable heat pump water heater that can convert heat directly from the surrounding air to deliver hot water in the most efficient manner available on the market. This results in energy savings of up to 80% compared to traditional water heating technologies and ensures the fastest heating time in this category. What sets this product apart is the ease of setting it up and controlling it thanks to a broad range of programmes and the Aqua Ariston Net App, which offers a high degree of versatility. The new BUS Bridge Net® protocol allows integrating the product with other solar or boiler heat generators and control the entire system through a single Sensys interface.
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