High-efficiency electric and gas-fired water heaters.
Up to -20% energy consumption compared to traditional water heaters.

Lydos is the brand new electric water heater global range of medium capacities (50, 80 and 100 liters) that enables user to enjoy by 16% of additional amount of hot water thanks to its ground-breaking patented WaterPlus technology, which guarantees an exceptional comfort. Top range models features the most innovative technologies for electrical water heating: the power setting (T-Flex technology), the active anode, the titanium heating element, the auto-learning function and the Wifi connection (via Aqua Ariston Net free app). Lydos is the perfect choice for those who are looking for cutting-edge performance and maximum reliability in the daily production of domestic hot water.

Velis is the Ariston water heater with a revolutionary design that has transformed the cylindrical water heater paradigm into a design element. Thanks to the innovative technology of the double tanks connected to each other, the ideal water for the first shower is ready in just 50 minutes. In addition, by downloading the free Aqua Ariston Net app from the Android or iOS store, it is possible to control the product anywhere and enable additional functions to maximize the water heater’s performance, reducing consumption by up to 25%.

The Andris range is the global offer of small capacity electric storage water heaters (6, 10, 15 and 30 liters). The compact dimensions of this range facilitate installation even in the smallest spaces, guaranteeing heating speed and high energy efficiency.

Next Evo is the new gas water heaters that are distinguished by the water temperature stability, the compact size and modern aesthetics.

Solar thermal, covers up to 70% of hot water needs and up to 20% of heating needs.

The Ariston Kairos Combi system combines solar energy integration with instant water heating. Kairos XP 2.5-1 is a 2.5 m2 flat-plate collector, easy to install and maintain, among the top of its class for reliability and efficiency.

Kairos Macc is the integrated solar cylinder, using solar energy to warm water. It has an advanced system control to optimize the use of solar energy. Kairos Macc also has all the advantages of a pre-assembled and pre-sized solution, allowing an easier and quicker installation.

Elco Auron DF is a vacuum tube direct flow collector, heating water and supplementing domestic and industrial heating. The system’s assembly ensures installation flexibility and an optimal orientation of the absorber.

Heat pump water heater. Up to -80% energy consumption compared to traditional water heaters.

Nuos Plus Wi-Fi is the large capacity monobloc heat pump. The product offers superior energy performance and boasts the fastest heat-up times in its class. Nuos Plus Wi-Fi is compatible with Bus BridgeNet® technology for system integration with other Ariston products and is equipped with integrated connectivity through the Aqua Ariston Net App.

Nuos Split Inverter Wi-Fi is the high capacity split type heat pump. The product, whose inverter compressor is optimized for the water heating production, features the best performance of the category in terms of efficiency and noise. Nuos Split Inverter Wi-Fi can be integrated with other Aristo products thanks to the Bus BridgeNet® technology and it is equipped with integrated connectivity through the Aqua Ariston Net App.

Nuos Evo A+ is the medium capacity monobloc heat pump, which thanks to its compact size it can be installed on the wall with a minimum occupancy of space.
With its advanced technology it reaches the A+ class product, best in class .