Innovation and reliability, energy and care for the environment. The best technologies applied to a range of burners from 11 kW to 80 MW.


Continuously looking for new technological solutions, ELCO produces high performance burners for heating and industrial use with an extremely wide range of models available from 11 kW to 80 MW. The offer includes high quality preand post-sales services in order to build a lasting relationship with the customers.


With more than 120 years of experience in designing and manufacturing burners, Cuenod is still evolving its technologies to offer performance, safety and reliability, while guaranteeing environmental protection and high comfort for the users. All this makes CUENOD the ideal partner in the residential and commercial heating market.


Ecoflam offers customized products and combustion technologies suitable for any type of fuel and application. The flexibility of Ecoflam combustion technologies has allowed the development of a range of performing, reliable and highly customizable products with power output available up to 34 MW.


The Burners Division provides innovative and
customized solutions for industrial applications and
special combustion processes. The growing attention
to issues related to the environment has also led to
the development of advanced low NOx combustion
technologies and products suitable to work with
alternative fuels, such as in the case of hydrogen burners.