The premium heating solution provider of a first class service aimed at meeting the needs of consumers throughout the life cycle of its systems and products.
For decades ELCO has been at the forefront of burner, condensing boiler and solar technology, installing over 1.7 million heating systems throughout Europe.


Since 1928 ELCO has been a leading European brand offering smart solutions and technologies designed to meet the needs of any domestic and commercial project, ensuring maximum energy saving.


With the ELCO HEX³ technology, Elco is able to reduce harmful NOx emissions to an absolute minimum. The NOx output is at a market leading low average of 24 mg/kWh. The sophisticated design of the heat exchangers also leads to the minimization of CO emissions, while ensuring extraordinary efficiency. Scanning the QR Code, it is possible to discover the information about HEX³ technology and why it is so important to take NOx emissions into account.


ELCO condensing gas boilers provide best-in-class efficiency (A, A+) and emission performances and can be integrated with renewable sources. Its heat pump range is one of the quietest on the market and provides excellent efficiency performances (A++, A+++).


ELCO supplies one of the best range of condensing gas, cogeneration and oil boilers with an output of up to 2 MW in single and cascade installations - offering substantial benefits, including superb efficiency, ultra-low energy consumption and the lowest environmental impact. From a 1:1 replacement to the most complex commercial system, specifiers can choose the right ELCO product for their application.


ELCO’s first-class service team provides 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week technical support to ensure that customers’ heating systems work reliably and efficiently for their entire life cycle. The connected systems can be monitored constantly to identify problems before failures occur. The customer can control heating and hot water remotely thanks to the easy-to-use mobile app.