Calorex reinforces its leadership day by day, developing efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. More than 70 years being the preferred brand in Mexico, always providing the highest level of comfort for any lifestyle. Stand out the durability of their products, their energy savings and their world-class standards.


With a wide portfolio of products, Calorex is the best option in Mexico to cover any hot water need, regardless of the amount or lifestyle that requires it. Thus simplifying the life of Mexicans who always seek the best. In 2020, a new range of Ariston electrical products was incorporated into the Calorex portfolio. Calorex also has a presence in the USA market through of the American Standard brand.


Calorex has revolutionized the market with unique solutions and technologies that simplify the lives of Mexican families. From an exclusive app to program your water heater with a smartphone, to new products with intelligent and intuitive functions that give total control, so that whoever owns a Calorex can easily enjoy maximum comfort and the highest energy savings.


Calorex is a specialist in commercial and industrial solutions to supply hot water to any project with a wide range of products, covering all kinds of needs and requirements. Our specialists analyze and design custom made projects to provide the best solution to any need, gyms, laundries, restaurants, etc.


Calorex has the best user support service in Mexico. More than 100 service centers throughout the country, always ready to provide assistance, maintenance and original spare parts to whoever needs it.