ATAG is driven by innovating in durable energy technologies, working from its core competence high efficiency boilers. The growth is, besides innovation, based on a strong customer focus.


Full range of heat pumps for heating, water heating and cooling. Both for new build and renovation. Driven by decreasing the worldwide energy consumption and CO2-emission, based on energy efficiency, easy installation and silenceness.


Domestic boilers from 20 to 51 kW based on high efficiency and low energy costs. Equipped with an ATAG innovation – the Economizer – based on re-using heat of the flue gasses. The commercial wall-hung boiler range to 960 kW output up to an eight-boiler cascade arrangement. Maximum output with minimum emission.


Range of controls from single domestic use to multiple boiler installations with zone controls. ATAG One Zone is the latest innovation that controls the room temperature of up to 6 independent rooms via remote control with tablet, desktop or smartphone.


ATAG solar systems convert light into heat via thermal solar technology: Solar-energy transferred into water heating. ATAG supply a range of boilers, cylinders and flat plate solar panels.